Clean & Read Volunteer Event


April 18 – 24, 2021

Spring is in the air, and we know people are anxious to get back to volunteer work and we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Join us for a small-scale volunteer event during Volunteer Appreciation Week.  Volunteers will be sanitizing, cleaning, and restocking books in Little Free Libraries all across our community.

Little Free Library Clean & Read Event Logo

Measuring slightly larger than bird houses, these libraries create a community that actively promotes reading and writing for all ages. Anyone may take a book, read it, and return it later at their convenience.

Approximately 20 libraries have been built in backyards, public parks, and community centers throughout Indian River County.



We are still living in a pandemic and love all the use that these libraries get, but they need a good cleaning and updates and that’s where the wonderful volunteers like yourself come into play! 

We need our hand-raisers that are ready to get back out there!

There will be a maximum of 4 volunteers per library, they are all outdoors, all cleaning supplies and books will be given to you.

You get to choose the library you are interested in, or more than one if you want. You have the opportunity to volunteer all week long, not just one day!

We ask that all volunteers wear a mask while working at the libraries just so we can all stay as safe as possible. It will be a quicker volunteer opportunity, only about an hour out of your day to sanitize and restock the library you pick.

This is a great event for yourself, your family, or even your co-workers! We invite anyone that is interested to volunteer and help with the upkeep of these libraries that are so significant to our neighborhoods.

Even though cleaning a Little Free Library doesn’t seem that important, it is! People in your community are using these libraries daily, and we want to be able to help keep them clean.

We are no longer accepting registration. All Clean & Read library locations have been claimed.

How to Register:

  1. Pick a Little Free Library area in Indian River County that works best for you.
  2. Register and select the specific library you’d like to freshen up.
  3. Stop by the United Way Center during the week of April 18-24th to pick up your cleaning supplies (and a few extra goodies).
  4. Visit your Little Free Library and give them a good Spring Cleaning!
Little Free Library Vero Beach location
Little Free Library at Sebastian Location
Little Free Library at Fellsmere Location
Little Free Library on the Beachside

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